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aliens are real they’re just staying in their lane

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College kids literally don’t care about walking in the way of cars at school because we’re like “hit me i don’t care pay my tuition.”

"Hit me my thesis is due in 12 hours and I haven’t started it"

"Hit me I have a final in an hour and I didn’t study"

"Hit me I’ve been on a 24 hour drinking binge and I’m invincible"

"Hit me. You’re a university vehicle and I’ll get free tuition."

"Hit me I feel like a failure anyway"

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A$AP Rocky & his little brothers

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Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

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You were all college boy and no spine.
Just fingers in places I kept nodding to.
Just talking like there was a blackboard
stretched out in your throat and
I was the stolen crime scene chalk.
Hurried, rushed, too much like old mistakes.

I want to tell you there is something in your teeth.
It is shaped like legs and fingernails.
It is shaped like my eyelids in the mornings,
heavy and swollen and forgetting to open,
like my knees skinned, my knees broken.

It is shaped like the way this conversation
is something about you, about how much you do,
but also about how your room is empty
and I will fit just perfectly on your bed,
underneath you, hands at my side
and my mouth open like surrender.

This is the morning after story.
The story of over-steeped tea and
the window open and petting the cactus.
This is the story of I won’t call you.
This is the story of I’ll wait for
you to call me anyway.

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i remember even just a year ago, i’d see pictures all the time of people with captions saying “i’m ugly” and stuff like that

but now, just about every day on my dash, it’s gotten to be like a thing where people will say “my hair looked super cute today” or “i’ve been feeling so body positive lately”

how awesome is that

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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

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